Catwoman's (Halle Berry) Hero Whip

  • Movie Title: Catwoman

Discover how an unassuming woman named Patience Prince becomes the fiendish feline Catwoman (Halle Berry) in this purr-fect adventure movie. As Catwoman, Patience discovers she has the senses, speed, reflexes and perhaps even the nine lives of a cat, opening her to a thrilling and dangerous world where she vacillates between good and evil. Co-stars Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt and Frances Conroy. This whip was used on screen by Halle Berry as "Catwoman" and can be seen throughout the film whenever Catwoman is on the prowl. It is a black leather whip that has a thick handle and gradually thins toward the end. Along with a Hollywood History COA the whip is ready to display on a custom made stand also included.

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