Frankenfish Puppet

  • Movie Title: Frankenfish

Frankenfish is a 2004 creature horror movie dealing with genetically engineered fish in the bayou and was based on the snakehead fish incident in a Crofton, Maryland pond. Near the conclusion of the film Sam realizes they will not be able to outrace the monster and drives the fanboat up onto a stand of tree stumps. Unable to slow its momentum the massive Frankenfish launches directly into the whirling blades of the propeller and is destroyed. They begin reasoning if Dan might still be alive as the film turns showing Dan lying stuck in the mudbank helpless, as he is attacked by dozens of baby Frankenfish.

This is a baby Frankenfish puppet used in the filming of the final scenes as both miniature scale babies and CGI were used. This puppet is made of silicone and has acrylic teeth.

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