Post Atomic Badge

  • Movie Title: Star Trek: The Next Generation

A silver colored cast metal Illuminati- style badge with wire fasteners and an incredibly preserved nonfunctional prop drug dispensers made for the premiere episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Encounter at Farpoint. The items were part of a 21st century military uniform depicted in the episode to make the point of humanity�s barbaric military resorted to drug addiction to keep its troops in line during the Third World War, a conflict frequently alluded to in various Star Trek series, but never seen. The badge is triangular in shape with a crest across the top and a pyramidal eye molded onto the center. The drug dispenser is a tan colored cast resin prop with painted details and a penned on ARMY, R2-D3PO-D. The items measure approx. 3.25 X 2.25 inches and 3 X 3.25 X .75 inches respectively

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