Rocky Balboa Champion Pin

  • Movie Title: Rocky III

A Rocky Balboa Champion Pin from Sylvester Stallone''s 1982 sports drama, Rocky III. In the film, Rocky loses his heavyweight champion title to the unstoppable Clubber Lang (Mr. T). In order for Rocky to reclaim his victory, he must train harder than ever under his former rival, Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). Pins of this style can be seen worn by Paulie (Burt Young) as he sells Rocky merchandise at a glamorized training session. Made from metal, this round pin features an image of Rocky Balboa from the second film, with "Rocky Balboa Champion" printed above and below the image. This button includes a locking pin on the back, allowing it to easily attach to clothing. Measuring approximately 4" in diameter, this item features minor wear from production use and age.rn
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