Hero Hard Copy GodKiller Gun

  • Movie Title: Drive Angry

This is a Godkiller gun used in the 2011 Nicolas Cage film Drive Angry 3D. The gun can be seen in the film several times, including the sequence where Piper (Amber Heard) loads the Godkiller before Milton (Nicolas Cage) fires it.

This Hero Hardcopy (highly detailed resin version) of the Godkiller has hand grips with demonic carvings to suggest a weapon that has been brought from Hell. In the film, this gun is known as the "Godkiller", which Milton stole before breaking out of hell and is the only gun that is capable of destroying "The Accountant", who seeks to send Milton back! Also featured on the handgrip is a group of leather strings with several metal charms attached: a crescent moon, an upside down cross, a dragon, and a star with a demon head in the center. "I just thought that the GodKiller, this mythical weapon in the film, should have a history when you see the case to it," - he said - "I ended up spending an enormous amount of money making a case for it... Patrick was very specific. He said, 'The case should look like it's from Hell and has been through Hell and traveled a million miles." - Gary J. Tunnicliffe

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