Dark Nurse Costume

  • Movie Title: Silent Hill

A Dark Nurse's uniform worn in the 20006 horror movie Silent Hill. The skin-clad women can be seen late in the movie when Rose's search for her kidnapped daughter takes her to the hospital basement, and these disturbing figures are on guard with sharp instruments and very sensitive to light... The short sleeved dress, hat, and shoes are made from latex with the exception of the shoes and have been given a light spattering of paint in various shades of brown to look like dried blood and is textured the feature scars and wrinkles in the 'flesh' and the edges really do look like ragged torn skin. The dress fastens at the front using wide strips of velcro, and the nurse's hat still has remnants of the foam latex mask along the brim which was removed after filming. A very memorable creature costume from the great movie adaptation of the classic Sony game. There is no size marked and both are in very good condition with some expected wear from use on set.

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