Uber Jason’s Mask

  • Movie Title: Jason X

It's 2455 A.D., and Earth is a contaminated planet that's been abandoned for centuries. In the remains of a research facility, a visiting archaeology class discovers two frozen ancestors -- a beautiful woman and a rotted corpse wearing a strange mask. When they transport the carcasses back to their space lab and the ice melts, Jason is revived ... and ready to unleash a new kind of hell on the future.

Late in the film, Jason is brought back to life by the damaged medical station, rebuilt as an even more powerful cyborg known as Uber-Jason. This is one of the masks used in the 2001 film Jason X. This two piece mask has a front piece and rear piece that would be pressed together to encase the actors head and has also been signed on the back,and the inside by the actor who portrayed Jason, Kane Hodder. Along with his signatures you can also see "#2 Kane's Baby" written on the inside by production as this was his favorite to use during filming.

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