SFX Charles Garrison Head

  • Movie Title: Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave from the Grave

The film opens a year after the previous film with Charles Garrison (Peter Coyote) arriving at a mortuary with one of the canisters of Trioxin 5 that he salvaged from the previous movie where he is greeted by a team of Russian government officials whose goal is to destroy the last of the canisters to avoid another incident like that of what happened in Necropolis. When one of them accidently sprays three corpses with the gas, and revives them, one of which is killed with a drill to the head by the owner of the mortuary, and the rest by gunshots to the head by two of officials; however, the second and third zombies that were killed, were able to kill Charles, the mortuary owner and one of the government officials.

This is the special effects head of Charles Garrison used in his death scene. Made of a heavy duty silicon, there is a fiberglass life cast that the skin can be removed from if necessary. The head has all of the blood and air tubes still existing and that assisted the production with the scene of which his eyes are popping out of his head. Each eye has plungers that would assist them in popping out forward, the realistic hair has been hand punched, and even the mouth is impressively realistic down to the fillings in the teeth.

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