Supergirl Spaceship

  • Movie Title: Supergirl

The 1984 film Supergirl starring Helen Slater in her first motion picture role, playing the part of the DC Comics superheroine “Supergirl” The film is a spin-off from the Salkinds' Superman film series which starred Christopher Reeve and tells the story of Kara Zor-El (Helen Slater) which lives in an isolated Kryptonian community “Argo City” located in trans-dimensional space. Zaltar (Peter O'Toole) allows Kara to see a unique and immensely powerful item known as the Omegahedron, which he has borrowed without the knowledge of the city government, and which powers the city. However, after a mishap, the Omegahedron is lost in space. Much to the distress of her parents, Kara follows it to Earth (undergoing a transformation into "Supergirl" in the process) in an effort to recover it and save the city.

This is the screen used miniature ship that carries Supergirl from her home planet to earth. Inside you can also see the miniature Supergirl figure that is seen on screen flying inside the ship. The ship also has a small light inside that has not been tested to see if still operable, and comes mounted on an impressive Supergirl themed tabletop display.

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