House on Haunted Hill Mutant Puppet

  • Movie Title: House on Haunted Hill

This is a mutant female puppet from the 1999 frightful remake House on Haunted Hill. In the film, Stephen H. Price (Geoffrey Rush) brings a group of thrill-seekers to a haunted asylum, offering $1 million to anyone who stays all night. But they find themselves just trying to stay alive. Near the end of the film, Price (Rush) is placed in a capsule that drives him crazy with evil visions: one of which is a beautiful woman floating underwater, whose hair flies back to reveal this mutant face. The face has no eyes and a giant mouth with grotesque teeth. Made of silicone, this piece is crafted into the upper body of a woman from the waist up, with arms cut off above the hands. The puppet features hand-punched, long red hair, and the teeth and gums are made of resin. The mouth can be manipulated by a puppetry device that comes out the bottom of the body, and there is a black cloth in the mouth to cover any mechanics. This was also featured on the cover of the infamous magazine "Fangoria" and along with the Hollywood History COA will also include the issue of Fangoria it was featured in. As an added bonus this stunning piece also comes with custom themed display to show this twisted piece of movie memorabilia in all her glory!

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