Hacksaw, Tape Recorder, and Play Me Tape

  • Movie Title: SAW

Would you die to live? That's what two men, Adam (Leigh Whannell) and Gordon (Cary Elwes), have to ask themselves when they're paired up in a deadly situation. Abducted by a serial killer, they're both holed up in a prison constructed with such ingenuity that they may not be able to escape before their captor decides it's time to dismantle their bodies in his signature way. Attempting to break free may kill them too, but staying definitely will. Hero metal hack saw - This hero metal hack saw was screen used by Leigh Whannell as "Adam" and Cary Elwes as "Dr. Gordon". This hack saw has been made to look aged and dirty for filming, and can be seen throughout the film as Adam and Dr. Gordon try to escape the twisted game they are forced to play. Tape Recorder & Play Me Tape - This silver prop tape recorder and mini cassette was screen used by Leigh Whannell as "Adam" and Cary Elwes as "Dr. Gordon". Seen throughout the film, this tape recorder and casette are very important props, as Adam and Dr. Gordon play the tapes given to them by "Jigsaw" with this tape recorder. A small strap was also attached to the recorder by the film makers through a small hole that was drilled out at the "mic" in the top right corner of the recorder. These are the three most recognizable props from the first film in the Saw franchise. These props will also will come with a custom bathroom themed display to match the films eerie setting.

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