Daffy's Hands & Feet

  • Movie Title: Gremlins 2

This is a set of hands and feet from the wacky and wild Mogwai "Daffy" from the 1990 miniature creature feature Gremlins 2: The New Batch. These hands and feet, created by legendary Rick Baker and his team, were made to be used when they needed to swith out his hands and feet on the puppets on set. These are made of foam latex painted a light brown with detailing to accent the Mogwai's skin color. The hands are hollow on the inside allowing them to be slipped onto the puppet. The feet both have fittings to attach them to the leg of the puppet and plastic snaps on the bottom to hold them in place. Considering the use during the production and storage, the foam is still soft to the touch and remains in great condition.

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