Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) Wooden Prop Pistol

  • Movie Title: Other Guys, The

This screen used wooden prop gun was used by the character “Allen Gamble” portrayed by actor Will Ferrell in the 2010 motion picture “The Other Guys”, and this prop was custom made specifically for Will Farrell to use in the production. The gun figures prominently in the plot line and is first introduced onscreen in the scene after Gamble is teased by his fellow detectives into believing he needs to do an “Office Pop” and trick him into discharging his firearm inside the police station. After Ferrell falls for the trick, his superior “Capt. Gene Mauch” (Keaton) confiscates his weapon and forces him to carry this wooden gun in punishment. This specific gun is the one also featured in the trailer during the scene where Gamble and his partner Terry Hoitz (Wahlberg) are driving and Gamble pistol-whips him with the gun (a rubber version was briefly substituted in the scene where Wahlberg is actually struck with it). Later in the film, Gamble and his partner have their guns, shoes, prisoner, and Gamble’s cocaine covered red Prius taken by an international security team. In a following scene the gun is returned to Mauch after members of the team have coated it in linseed oil. Mauch decides that Gamble is not competent enough to even carry the wooden gun any longer and instead gives the bumbling detective a rape whistle to carry instead. The “oiled” version was returned to the production company after filming was completed making this an extremely rare signature collectible from the film. The prop weapon is in very good screen used condition with some minor evidence of wear that occurred during its extensive use on set. Along with a Hollywood History COA, the prop pistol will also include a paper signed by the on set armorer.

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