T-Virus Vial

  • Movie Title: Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Something evil's lurking in Raccoon City, and the fearless Alice (Milla Jovovich, reprising her role from the original film), is one of only a few willing to put her life on the line to investigate the malevolent force. A virus is attacking the area's denizens, turning them into the undead. With the help of her colleague, Jill (Sienna Guillory), Alice sets out to uncover the truth, even as she fends off her biggest enemy, Nemesis (Mabius). This prop T-virus vial was used on screen and can be seen periodically throughout the film. The vial has metal ends and a clear plastic center. Inside the vial are two blue colored transparent spiral tubes. It measures approximately 5-1/4 inches in length and 1-1/4 inches in diameter, and comes complete with the custom display stand.

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