(2) CommandoTazer Darts

  • Movie Title: Heroes (TV)

From Season 3: Episode 14- A Clear and Present Danger of the 2009 TV Show Heroes, come these two screen used Commando tazer darts. In this episode, the first time we see these darts Tracy is dressing when she notices the bathroom window is open. After closing and locking it, she turns to see a man in a commando outfit. She tries to run into the living room where she finds other armed men. She refuses to beg and demands to know what they want; when one of the Commandos shoot her with a taser dart which would suspend the heroes powers. These darts can also be seen later in the episode along with other episodes in the series. Made of plastic, the darts have a see-through body with mechanics that would make the darts light up red. The tip has a magnet that would help it to attach to whatever the scene called for, and neither dart has been tested to see if they can still be lit.

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