Lament Configuration Puzzle Box

  • Movie Title: Hellraiser VII: Deader

Hellraiser: Deader is a horror film directed by Rick Bota and is the seventh installment in the Hellraiser series, though it was initially intended to be a stand-alone film. A female reporter Amy Klein (Kari Wuhrer) for a London newspaper is sent to Bucharest to investigate an underground suicide cult (the Deaders) who can bring back the dead. She is quickly drawn into their dark world and soon can see no way out other than to join them. At the address given to her by her editor Amy finds the corpse of a girl and a puzzle box and despite being told not to do so, she opens the puzzle box. This is one of the screen used lament configuration puzzle boxes used extensively throughout the film. Made of a type of wood with thin brass etchings, this box is a very recognizable piece from the Hellraiser Franchise. This box will also come with a signed letter from the maker with a brief description of use.

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