Hillcrest Permission Slip

  • Movie Title: Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Laurie Strode (from Halloween I and II) is now the head mistress at a prestigious private school, which is attended by her 17 year-old son. On the 20th anniversary of the events that occurred in Halloween I, Laurie begins having nightmares, flashbacks, and visions of her evil brother, Michael Myers, coming to kill her. Myers shows up at the school on Halloween night, setting the stage for a "final" battle between Myers and Strode. This permission slip can be seen when Kari Tate, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, hands it to her son John, played by Josh Hartnett, allowing him to go on the school field trip. It also can be seen when John shows it to his girlfriend Molly, played by Michelle Williams, in the school hallway.

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