Batman Cowl

  • Movie Title: Batman & Robin

This is the signature bat cowl worn by Batman (George Clooney) in the finale of Batman and Robin. This cowl was originally a Sonar cowl worn by Val Kilmer in Batman Forever but was later re-used and modified into the “Ice” version for Batman & Robin. The cowl is made out of dense foam latex rubber and has a purple, blue and black color with silver inlays. The cowl still has the Velcro used to secure it to the cape and there are two loops at the side that help attach the cowl to the main body of the suit; small cape clips were used to do this. The piece is secured at the back with a zipper hidden by a strip of silver rubber. The ears are reinforced with internal cores to help them stand pointy and ready for business. Along with the Hollywood History COA it will also include the Warner Bros paperwork and costumer's tags.

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