Weremacht Puppet

  • Movie Title: Puppet Master X: Axis Rising

The final chapter of the AXIS Saga, we find our heroic band of lethal puppets joining forces with a secret team of Allied Operatives, all masters of psychic powers, as they face off together against a new bunch of evil Nazi adversaries and their collection of vicious Axis Puppets in a showdown that will decide the future of the free world. From the 2017 Full Moon film Puppet Master: Axis Termination, this is a stunt Weremacht puppet used during stunt and special effects scenes in the film. Covered in special effects blood, he was used when killing characters and helping to keep the hero puppet from getting too bloody. Weremacht is one of four Nazi puppets created by Dr. Freuhoffer to assist the Nazis in killing General Porter. Weremacht is a werewolf that is wearing a Nazi soldier's uniform. Weremacht seems to hate Blade the most and started to attack him first. It is unknown whose soul inhabits him but it is most likely one of the fallen Nazi soldiers.

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