Bats Puppet

  • Movie Title: Bats

A bat puppet from the 1999 horror sci-fi film Bats. In the film, swarms of bats turn vicious after a government experiment goes wrong, and it's up to bat expert Dr. Sheila Casper (Dana Meyer) and Sheriff Emmett Kimsey (Lou Diamond Phillips) to try and stop them.
Swarms of bats are seen attacking the citizens of the small Texas town throughout the film. A combination of computer-generated, animatronic, and real bats were used to depict the mutated bats throughout the film. The puppet is made from foam and latex and sits displayed on a wooden block. The body has also been detailed with faux fur. A small batch of cables is also attached to the bat and rests against the bat's back secured with a zip tie.

The piece shows some minor wear along the wings and on the back, but the piece remains in good overall condition.

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