Hero Red Slug Creature

  • Movie Title: Slither

The Long One is a mysterious parasitic alien and the only one of its kind. It travels across the universe in search

of life forms to kill and feast upon and is hellbent on consuming and destroying everything on the current planet

it's on until nothing is left. The Long One exists as many parasitic forms, working like a "conscious disease". The

Long One arrived on Earth via a meteor that landed in the fictional town of Wheelsy in the 2006 film Slither. These

are Slugs which are small, red, worm-like forms similar to the Long One which moves by slithering or swimming. Like

the Needle, the Slugs also implant themselves into hosts, although in their case, they are swallowed; changes are

mostly behavioral and not physical. A physical change that is noticeable is the bleeding from the mouth, due to the

forced entry of the Slug. This Slug is made of a soft rubber that they coated in a red substance to look like blood.

It also comes with a MastersFX certificate.


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