Jim Henson Curled Croquet Hedgehog

  • Movie Title: Alice in Wonderland (1999)

A prop curled hedgehog used in the all-star 1999 Hallmark production of Alice In Wonderland. This poor little critter was used during the Red Queen’s (Miranda Richardson) croquet game, being whacked around the Royal Gardens with a pink flamingo! He is made from a combination of foam latex and faux fur that has been gelled into spikes, built around a shell to give him his curled shape and assists him in rolling across the ground. Interestingly his pale underside is covered in real strands of fur just to make him that bit more realistic. Created by the incredible Jim Henson Company Creature Shop, this great piece measures approximately 17cm (6.75”) across and is still in fantastic condition with very little to no damage to the vulnerable foam latex elements.


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