Rey's Rations

  • Movie Title: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Three decades after the Empire's defeat, a new threat arises in the militant First Order. Defected stormtrooper Finn and the scavenger Rey are caught up in the Resistance's search for the missing Luke Skywalker. From the 2015 Star Wars film The Force Awakens, this is a set of rations traded to Rey from Unkar Plutt for parts. Ration packs, also known simply as rations or food packets, were packs of food used when other food was scarce. Ration packs of dehydrated polystarch and veg-meat were assembled by Unkar Plutt from rations from both the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. Each pack was divided into portions, which were traded at Niima Outpost for spare parts salvaged from the Starship Graveyard by scavengers such as Rey.


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